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May 29, 2006
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Comic - Copy Cats by Karioudo Comic - Copy Cats by Karioudo
EDIT: gave in and uploaded a lower quality version, as apparantly people had trouble get it to load completely. It's just at 1 MB now so I hope I won't have to upload an ever lower quality version. It'll look like total poop then!
IF THIS COMIC LOADS SLOW, PLEASE JUST LET IT LOAD!!! This piccer is 1.79 MB, because unlike the Life with Red one, I choose quality above filesize (admit it, Life with Red looks like poop because it's only 841 KB). The Photoshop file is more then 300 MB (with 102 layers) so yeah.

Anyway, I'll get straight to the point and rant about funfacts about this thing later.

The joke itself is in my personal opinion not as great as the previous comics, though I do think that from all the comics I made, this one is the best looking (mainly because I actually took my time making this and now I can't even stand looking at it anymore XD).
Just after I had uploaded the Life with Red comic, someone (can't remember who) noted me with the question if I could maybe one day make a comic/piccer about RMZ Zero and RMX Zero meeting. Something like that. I don't have the note anymore. Obviously that got my mind thinking up some ideas and I wrote some stuff down but couldn't think of a decent ending. I wasn't even planning on ever making it anyway (because I hate the RMZ storyline and characters)!
This was before Beast+ aired.
Because I now knew about Zero.exe, I remembered the script I wrote for this and managed to add a weird ending to it. After that, I was like "ah, what the hell ><" and just started making it in Photoshop XD
And about the last panel, originally RMZ Zero was to say some kind of clever 'ending sentence' about RMX Zero turning into a weak virus or something and Zero.exe was supposed to get all mad about that (because it's obvious that Zero.exe is based on the RMX Zero) but I couldn't think of something that actually worked >< So that is why RMZ Zero is just grinning like an idiot and probably feels like the winner ._.; baka.
And one last thing. Just because someone noted me with the question if I could make this and this and this, doesn't mean you can now go ahead and request comics XD I'm just saying it, before I actually get notes about this. I will never, EVER do request comics, because 1: they take too much time to make. And 2: I only make them if I actually like the idea.
That doesn't mean you can't note me ideas! Who knows, maybe I'll even use them (like with this one). I can't garantuee I'll actually use your idea because that all depends if I can think up a working joke for it.
AND FOR ENZÓ-SAMA'S SAKE! STOP ASKING ME TO MAKE A PART 2 ON LIFE WITH RED!! XD I'm really glad people found it funny and liked it, but really :'D I wouldn't work. Why?
Because if I would make a part 2 that was about Steve stalking Forte or Blues, it would just be more of the same joke. It wouldn't be funny anymore. If I would make part 2 about Steve actually stalking Zero about his private nightlife, then that would probably involve a lot of X as well (because I support Zero/X XD). I don't think a lot of people would find that funny. So that's why there will probably never be a Life with Red 2.

Righto, on to the funfacts! \o/ Or something.
Eto, the newspaper Zero is reading. "Reploid Times" = very corny. I know XD
And I know I used the over-used booblights-joke XD I just couldn't help it. RMZ Zero just hád to say something in return for the thong-comment. Equivalent exchange! *pictures Zero as Edo and X as Al* ... z0mg, teh mental images! D: *dies*

Meh, it's just a fact that both Zeros are girly. Zero.exe is the only non-girly one lol. Speaking of Zero.exe, I know he's terribly out of character XD

I promise the next big comic WON'T have Zero in it! Sure he's a terribly easy target for these comics (and everyone knows I like making fun of his hair) but I decided the next comic should be about different characters. Probably something Exe and Classic related.
Zero probably totally hates my guts by now ._.;

Can't remember what else I was going to say about this >< I dunno, I just hope it's worth your laugh or something @_@ I'm always a bit skittish when uploading a big comic like this, because I always fear that one one will get the joke XD That's because I have a very weird sense of humor (what can you expect of someone who finds ceilings funny!). Myeah..

Other Rockman Comics made by me
Life with Red
Zero vs Blues.EXE – Who’s Hair Will Reign Supreme?
Never insult Forte's cloak - beware the crappy look XD

Time taken: 2.5 days
Medium used: Photoshop CS, 102 layers
RMZ Zero, RMX Zero and Zero.exe (c) Capcom/ShoPro
Art (c) Karioudo. IF YOU FIND THIS UPLOADED SOMEWHERE OTHER THEN HERE AT MY DA ACCOUNT, IT WAS PROBABLY STOLEN! Only uploaded, not linked. I know my Zero vs Blues comic has been linked on LifeJournal a long time ago and I didn't mind that at all.
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